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About iSearch Engine

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About ISE

iSearch Engine is an online business company that specialise in E-Commerce, Business, Blogs, Organization and promotional website that includes Hosting services for our customers for affordable prices.

Our website designs and features include working PHP/Ajax, HTML5, MySql database, SSL Certificate (Security),Bootstrap and more depending on what you want in your website including applications (Apps).

iSearch Engine host a number of its sister companies such as tv series ultra hd, compufix designing and beauty,agencies in Port Elizabeth South Africa to name a view. iSearch Engine its a secured and safe website to purchase or visit, our encryption is strong even Pay Pal recommended us.

This company started in 2016 december and its growing quickly that we've imagine, new ideas are being brought to us daily now we make it easy to chat live with our team, we also have a iSpeech plugin tool that talks on our website and it guides you as a user. As we're growing we create new tools that we can use.